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Hello, and welcome to department of Law at Youngsan University

Thank you for your interest in our law department and visiting our homepage.
Our law department at Youngsan University aims to foster legal experts and public officials with good character and ability.
In order to achieve the educational goals of the department of law, we secure the best faculty and excellent educational facilities and prepare the optimal curriculum.
In order to have practical ability to solve various legal disputes in modern society, our law department provides legal education that combines theory and practice from early on. Through this course, graduates of the law department can enter various fields of work.
In particular, various programs for the operation of the law school exam, development of experts in practical law, and operation of preparation and qualification examination for general public office exams, including the courts and prosecutors, have made a lot of many achievements.
The faculty of law at Youngsan University will assist all students who choose our law department in achieving their respective dreams and hopes and developing them into great talent who can devote themselves to the nation and social development.

Thank you.

since Oct. 2018
Jeong Gab Yong
Dean of Department of Law